Start & grow your cannabis business

Start & Grow Your Cannabis Business

Let us help you navigate the complex world of cannabis law.

Cannabis Legal Services

License applications and assistance

Cannabis License Applications & Assistance Nationwide

Whether you need a cannabis cultivation license, a cannabis repository license or a distribution, manufacturing or delivery license, in any state, we can help make the process of aligning with state requirements for any cannabis license application a lot easier. A successful application depends on many factors, but having the Cannabis Law firm on your side gives the greatest chance of success first time around.

Interpretation of state cannabis guidelines

Interpretation of State Cannabis Guidelines

The complex business of turning state cannabis statutes into state regulations and ultimately city and county ordinances is made even more difficult for business owners to navigate because it seems to be in a permanent state of change. State cannabis guidelines are also set with federal law in mind, so any change at the federal level can have a huge impact on existing state cannabis ordinances. The Cannabis Law firm has been at the forefront of state and federal regulatory negotiations on cannabis and other difficult topics for decades and is your knowledgeable, trusted guide to keep your business in line with state guidelines.

Ancillary service coordination

National Cannabis Ancillary Service Network

Our firm has a national ancillary services coordination arm. That means we can take care of your cannabis legal needs and provide help and advice with other difficult tasks like cannabis business funding, building services for the cannabis industry, and banking.

Deal analysis and document review

Cannabis Deal Analysis & Document Review

State and federal cannabis law is not easy to comply with. It is vital to have a cannabis lawyer who is well versed in the intricacies of this new legal field in every state of the country. The Cannabis Law firm knows how to keep its clients and their investors safe in this very tricky development stage of the new cannabis industry. Not all lawyers have the experience necessary to make that claim.

Network and access lobbying

Cannabis Network
& Access Lobbying

In the lobbying business, your contact list is power. Cannabis Law’s Sanford Stein personally knows many influential Senators and Congressmen and woman on both sides of the aisle, and has a track record of being able to influence their thinking. The addition to our network of financiers and other lawyers from across the legal spectrum makes for a very powerful state and federal cannabis lobbying team working on your behalf.

Legal and industry analysis

Cannabis Legal
& Industry Analysis

Our political, industrial and media contacts ensure the Cannabis Law firm has the legal pulse of the burgeoning cannabis industry. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way as you build your business.

Sanford Stein of Cannabis Law

40 Years of Emerging Industry Experience

Cannabis Law is managed by its founder Sanford M. Stein, a leading regulatory lawyer with over 40 years of government agency experience. Over that time Sanford has led the formation of new and emerging legal specialties and brings that experience once again to the cannabis industry.

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