Cannabis license applications & assistance

Cannabis License Applications & Assistance Nationwide

Since 2014, we have assisted our clients with highly-competitive state cannabis license applications. Focused on Illinois, where the first statutory cannabis applications were first required, we have been successful in achieving results and launching thriving cannabis businesses. Driven by our understanding that combative cannabis applications are about scoring points in the application process, we focus our clients on applications that are responsive to state requirements. “Follow the instructions and score the points” is the Cannabis Law winning philosophy.

Interpretation of sate cannabis guidelines

Interpretation of State Cannabis Guidelines

Knowing the law is only part of what we do; knowing how to apply the law is another part. Knowing what the regulators care about most is the best way to appeal to their interests. We deal with numerous state laws and regulations. They are not always the same and knowing the state regulatory philosophy is key to getting positive results. Our philosophy: embrace the state guidelines and make them work for you.

Cannabis ancillary services team

National Cannabis Ancillary Services Network

A cannabis business involves many services, legal is just one of them. But as with most businesses, a trusted advisor is often the company lawyer. Our network of other professional and business service providers includes accountants, architects, builders, capital sources, banks and credit unions, security services, equipment suppliers and staff. Advising and coordinating with ancillary service providers is also what we do. 

Cannabis deal analysis & review

Cannabis Deal Analysis & Document Review

Your deal structure with your partners is important to your success and that of your partners. We want your operating and subscription agreements to protect your company and your investors. Getting them right for your cannabis business is important, as is knowing that a cannabis business is unlike most other businesses.

Cannabis network and access lobbying

Cannabis Network & Access Lobbying

Our network of lawyers and other service providers is worldwide and around the corner. We have assembled a national referral network to handle any legal or ancillary cannabis matter. When it comes to government relations and lobbying, we’ve been doing it across the US and beyond for decades. We know the regulators and they know us. 

Cannabis industry analysis & direction

Cannabis Legal & Industry Analysis

We will analyze your legal questions and answer them in plain, understandable language. More than your lawyer, we expect to be your counselor and advisor. Our success is tied to your success. Cannabis is a big deal, and the industry opportunities are constantly changing. We keep on top of things so you don’t have to. 

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